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Q.1 - There is no water coming from my cooler?

Is the machine plugged in to the mains? if no plug in and the cooler should dispense water, if yes is the mains water to the machine ? if no turn on mains water check the blue valve behind the cooler is turned on if this problem persists after checking these things please contact us.


Q.2 - My watercooler is leaking?

If you have any concern that the cooler is leaking turn off the blue tap behind the cooler(sent with install kit) if self installed without an elite water install kit then shut off mains water to the cooler and firstly check the drip tray located under the water outlet nozzle and make sure its not full if it is full empty it and turn the mains back on if the drip tray is not full check the push fitting connecting the cooler to the mains this may mean taking off the lid or front cover if this is the case isolate the electrics before removing any panel check fittings for any leaks if you find a fitting leaking then contact us and we can give you the options of what we can do for you.


Q.3 - Where's my delivery?

Most of our orders are processed same day and go out for next day delivery although we do advise a delivery time of up to 96 hours if you have any queries contact us via email or via phone all of our call are answered directly at our head office in west Yorkshire.